Fractured faith

I’m a fan of Leah Remini’s A&E TV show and her book, Troublemaker, about her life in Scientology and after. I like reading books about people’s experiences in different world religions. The best-known stories are those about celebrities in various world religions. However, yesterday I started and finished a book about one man’s 30-year experience in Scientology. What made it most interesting to me was that this ex-Scientologist is not a celebrity. He and his wife were rank-and-file, “regular joe” members. They did not rub shoulders with celebrities or Scientology leaders.

fractured_journey  The author and his wife didn’t have to dramatically “escape” the religion as other, more well-known ex-Scientologists did. He tells a very honest story of the financial and emotional toll the religion gradually took on his family and how it affected his relationships with family members. (He and his wife never “disconnected” from their family or friends) I was astounded to read how hard the author and his wife worked to pay for the courses necessary to progress spiritually in their faith. They truly worked hard to be a part what they thought was the solution to the problems in this world. They believed that if they didn’t do their part and pay the necessary fees, the world and society would end in ruination.

I have a Kindle Unlimited membership, so I was able to borrow this book. Once I started reading it, I was not able to put it down. I started reading it early in the day and stayed up through midnight to finish it (with breaks for dinner and family time). This book was released without any fanfare that I’ve been able to find online. Even Tony Ortega (the well-known owner and writer of the popular anti-Scientology blog, The Underground Bunker) had never heard of this book or its author.

I found Fractured Journey a fascinating read. See Chris Shugart’s Fractured Journey Bonus Material website.

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