Jax Memories

I woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over, and felt quite sick for the rest of Mother’s Day. I spent the day medicating my ailments and resting. This was not how I had planned to spend my day. The resting time gave me an opportunity to sleep and think. I’ve been reminiscing about the first three years of my marriage and my experience of living as a very young Navy wife in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a special yet scary time in my life.

I got married and arrived in Jax (the nickname Jacksonville residents use to refer to their fair city) at age 19. Because Michael was away at sea for about two-thirds of our time there, I had to build a life on my own during the time he was away. I’ve decided I want to write in more detail about my years in Jax and how I spent my days, how I felt and reacted to the events going on in the world around me, and what I learned about myself. Those years were my preparation for becoming a mother and a wiser young woman, but they were also a time of intense introspection, a lot of writing, reading, and learning how to navigate life on my own. There’s so much more for me to write about and I am looking forward to doing just that. There are good times and scary times for me to write about, and thinking about some of this takes me out of my comfort zone, which is usually a necessity for writers. I’m looking forward to it anyway.

I’ll be back.

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