My Jax Mayo Anecdote

Isn’t it always the way…the more you plan, the more the unplanned happens. I’ve gotten very little writing done because work (my day job) and life and other commitments have taken precedence. Still, I’m undaunted and will write more about my life in Jax, and will get more work done on my cozy mystery, maybe not a lot, but at least some.

For some odd reason, a lady I met just once in Jax keeps coming to mind. I don’t remember her name. I met her when Michael and I attended a barbecue at the home of friends during our second summer in Florida (1985). I remember that she had strikingly white hair done up in that teased ‘70s grandma style, and she talked to me about her love of Southern cooking. She shared a few recipes with me and the reason they stuck with me is because the main ingredient in them was mayonnaise. She used mayonnaise in her recipes for biscuits, chocolate cake, mashed potatoes, and for making an open-face pinto bean sandwich.

I went home and tried all her mayo-laced recipes and discovered that mayonnaise makes biscuits and chocolate cake incredibly moist and tender, and makes mashed potatoes beautifully white and creamy. All of this is a wonderful thing if you like your biscuits and chocolate cake moist and tender, your mashed potatoes super creamy, and all tasting heavily of mayonnaise. I do NOT like my food in this way and neither does my hubby.

One surprise, however, was the open-face pinto bean sandwich. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You get a slice of toasted sandwich bread, slather it with mayo, top it with saucy pinto beans and, voila, an open-face pinto bean sandwich. It looks awful, is so messy you need to eat it with a knife and fork, but is actually quite tasty – especially if you know how to make a killer pot of pinto beans, which I do because my mama taught me how to cook like a champ. However, as good as I think this sandwich is, I can’t help but feel that there’s something too weird about it and maybe I should not have mentioned that I like it. I might actually delete this sandwich anecdote from my post at a later date.

Just the memory of this one particular summer barbecue so long ago opens up a treasure trove of newlywed memories that I plan to write about. It’s nice to think back on this time in my life.

It’s my bedtime now, and I’ll be up extremely early tomorrow. I’ll write again soon!

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