Pura Vida

I am a lifelong overeater and have battled obesity since I was 8 years old. I have a history of bulimia in my teens and a disordered relationship with food all my adult life. I tried 12-step recovery groups, some that required strict adherence to food plans and weighing/measuring every meal (even at restaurants). Nothing has helped until now. Since January 18 of this year, I’ve incorporated a Keto lifestyle with intermittent fasting, and occasional extended fasting into my daily routine. It’s working well for me. I feel like my relationship with food is healing along with the rest of me. I am very pleased with the physical effects of autophagy.

I’ve started a new 30-day fast, but with a partner this time. I indulged in pie and candy last week, which I had not done in quite a while, and am feeling the effects of the sugar overdose. Before I adopted a fasting /Keto way of life, I was so accustomed to carb overload that I was not aware of the inflammatory effects of carbohydrate overindulgence and sugar overdose.

Now things are different. I’m different. I’m healing. My gut instinct tells me that through fasting my brain has done a control-alt-delete, a cold reboot, and my disordered eating and diseased relationship with food appears to not be the eternal flame it once was. I’m not saying it’s perfect by any means, but fasting has taken away the constant ruminating and obsession with food and ‘what do I eat next?’ This was once the soundtrack of my life.

I’ll be consuming only water, coffee, tea, and electrolytes for the next few weeks. Here’s to Life!

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